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Workshops & Lessons

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I offer workshops on the following topics:

  • Singing: How do I use my voice as an instrument? How can I warm up my body and voice? Experience to improvise in a group and solo. Working on own songs and repertoire.

  • Loopstation: composing and performing with loopstation. In this workshop you can either bring your own loopstation and show how you use it until now. Or you can have your first try on my BOSS RC-505 and vocal loop pedal (BOSS RC-30). In both cases we will work on: using the looper as instrument, build up of a song, timing, stage presence.

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  • Improvisation: improvising in a group, song-circles, improvising solo. Free improvisation and improvisation in different styles. How do you fit your improvisation with your own style of music and songs?

  • Composing: composing and writing lyrics for yourself and others.

  • Introduction to Dhrupad or Carnatic Music

  • YOGA & SOUND Together with Dancer and Yoga teacher Leila Bakhtali I offer a workshop that shows different aspect of Yoga. In this workshop you have the chance to explore pranayama, yoga philosophy and the mesmerising sound of Indian devotional music. Ishtar and Leila Bakhtali warm-heartedly invite you to this all-level (so beginners welcome!) workshop which includes a full vinyasa flow class and Vocal concert with Tanpura (traditional string instrument from India).