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The Walking Brain

In this videoclip the sisters Leila and Ishtar Bakhtali collaborate as they did previously in performances ‘HOME(SICK)’ and ‘Arriving’. The idea started out with a poem and developed into a song via loopstation. Check out the music page for the video!

Solo Show with loops and effects

Treeclimber Solo show (Vocals/loops/fx/synth)

Always on a journey with ‘connection’ as keyword.

I see myself as an explorer and adventurer. Singing gives me the opportunity to express the stories of my adventures. Travelling from the one to the other musical genre and collaborating with artist from different disciplines.

Always on a journey to explore ways to express and create ‘connection’ is a keyword in my wish to tell stories with music. How to connect through music across (cultural) differences?

 Working together with artists from other areas such as: Dance, Visual Arts and Theatre attracts me a lot. It feels like exploring new terrain! It is interesting to create from different angles. Without collaborating I often take my drawings as a starting point for a new song.

I enjoy seeing music connecting people that at a first glimpse seem very different.

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‘Into The Light’ : Dance theatre performance uniting Sufi and Vedic dance and music. These two rich cultures have many synchronicities.

Dance: Eshani Lasya & Smirna Kulenovic | Compositions & Vocals: Ishtar Bakhtali | Keys and electronics: T.L. Mazumdar

Sounds from creation process 'Lilly Lesloyd'

Sisters' Collaboration

Sisters' Collaboration

 Workshops on different aspects of Yoga



Stories of Travels & Creation process



Minaminiguu (Didge: Tiago Francisquinho Drums: Prashant Paradkar Vocals/Synth/Effects: Ishtar). For dates: See Calendar.