Borders (Minaminiguu)

MINAMINIGUU. Translated from Malayalam: ‘Firefly’, ‘Pirilampo’,’Vuurvliegje’ etc. Present in trees all over the world. Different forms and languages but one unified language: light in flight.

Fond of it’s freedom it doesn’t feel like it belongs to one specific country. The borders are easy to cross with wings of your own!

One firefly to the others: ‘Let’s fly to Zwitserland!’



Back to the ground. Back to reality. We have no literal wings. No flying freely over borders to bring the music to different species of fireflies so they can dance to a sound that might be new to their ears. Or more precisely: the one fly has another passport than the other. If you’d see the passport as wings…the wings of our Indian Firefly are not strong enough to arrive in Zwitserland.

What now? Can he hitchhike on ours? Can he borrow some wings? Well that would be the VISA, borrowed wings…

Unfortunately the wings are not so fast to deliver.

The other two fireflies get restless and wriggle their little feet. ‘’I feel like flying to Zwitserland and explore the air’. Maybe if it’s nice we can come back with our Indian brother and we show him all the best trees to be in. What do you think? Let’s go?’’. With saudades de pirilampo #2 the other fireflies decide to go with one extra fly who has a big experience in rolling his white vehicle through Europe. Due to this rolling around his wings have gotten a bit rusty but nothing that a good drool of didgeridoo can’t solve.

And so it came to be that Minaminiguu practices in another formation to spread the sound. But Pirilampo #2, A.K.A. Prashant Paradkar is in the process of growing some brand new wings that can take him all around Europe (and who knows, the other continents?). Growth generally takes time and attention. This is no exception.

I’m lucky with my wings and sometimes forget that a ‘strong passport’ is not to be taken for granted. Spreading Art in whatever way is not a smooth airway.

Still it is luxury position to be able to dedicate time to music and performing it, although it is not a clear path even with pasport. But what can we really complain about when we didn’t flee our home countries due to war or no chances to live a happy live at all? sensitive subject.

If you have strong wings give a hand and a hug to the ones that are growing some still…Whenever you can’t do it directly then keep it up with spreading the light!

Borders… they are no news. But here I leave you with this story. Giving you an insight eye to the live of this firefly.

Minaminiguu, Ishtar


When Frustrated: Draw/Write/Sing/Dance/Move...  Drawing: Ishtar - Polaroid: girl in the audience when busking with Miguel Almeida

When Frustrated: Draw/Write/Sing/Dance/Move...

Drawing: Ishtar - Polaroid: girl in the audience when busking with Miguel Almeida