FISH TEA challenge: 42 days a song and drawing a day

42 daysA songandDrawing a day.jpg

Busy. With projects that I really like! I still found myself missing the time to write/make my own music! And drawing that used to be such a natural daily thing to do for me disappeared to the background until I found that I couldn't do it as easily as before! Without realising I practiced everyday for years, but it didn't feel like practising, it felt like playing. 

Tiago heard my complaints and gave me the idea to create for a set amount of days on a daily basis. Not making the compositions and drawings of my life. But being busy with creating and honestly seeing what comes out of me every day!

So: a challenge to create playfully. Symbolised by a fish on a skateboard with a cup of tea on it's head. Fish tea productions is born!

First song of the 42-days:

Composing for the dance performance ‘Into the Light’. This scene is about the sacred geometry present in Vedic culture and the Classical Indian dance: ‘Bharata Natyam’. And also present in the art of Sufism.

Trying to create a song that sounds ‘calculated’ and perpetual. Using the fibonacci scale (up till 34 and without the 0 at the start so: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34). Together these form 88 beats that form a circle consisting of 8 parts of 11. So: 8x11. 

Why 8? If you put 8 on it’s side it becomes the sign for infinity. Is it a coincidence that this is the 8th scene of the performance..?! The original sequence of Fibonacci starts with 0. Also a number symbolising infinity.

In this song 3 cycles of 88 beats overlap. The drawing shows the different cycles. Each one starting at 1,1 (Ta Ka) with the colour red. (sound in accents of the kalimba) And overlapping creating blends of colours.

So far the calculation! Of this head-born soundtrack. Can’t wait to see how the full scene will look with the dancers and video projections to come. Some collaborations with other musicians ahead as well!

Ishtar Bakhtali